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The Voorhoeve Foundation (or Fundatie Voorhoeve in Dutch) was created in 1988 its aim is to protect and restore the cultural heritage in the old city centre of The Hague (Bierkade area).

To achieve its aims it conducts the following acivities:

  • Renting out furnished apartments. We restore old canal houses and use proceeds from renting out apartments to continue restorations.
  • Offering meeting rooms. Some of the canal houses are now used for small and large meetings.
  • Jan van Goyen House: in 2011, the Foundation opened the house of famous Dutch Landscape painter Jan van Goyen as a museum.
  • The Foundation operates on a not for profit basis. It is run by the Voorhoeve family with the help of volunteers who cherish The Hague’s cultural heritage.

    Herman Cornelis Voorhoeve(1837-1901)

    About the Voorhoeve family
    The Voorhoeve Foundation was established by the Voorhoeve family, which originally came from Dordrecht. The Voorhoeve family had a flourishing business in tea and in bonds.

    Herman Cornelis Voorhoeve (1837- 1901) established a book publishing firm “Uitgeverij H.C. Voorhoeve.” In 1876 this firm moved to Dunne Bierkade 17 in The Hague. Painter Paulus Potter lived in this house during the "Golden Age"(17th century), and painters Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen lived next door. Apart from being a publisher, H.C. Voorhoeve was also an influential member of the so-called Broeder movement, a protestant group. He published 147 spiritual songs (still used in Broeder churches today) and a Bible translation("Telostranslated Bible"). He also had a church built at the back of the house on Bierkade 17, one of The Hague’s hidden gems. One of his sons, Johannes Nicolaas Voorhoeve, was involved in the development of the City of The Hague by promoting the restoration of the old city centre. One of his grand-sons established the Foundation in 1988

    1889 - the complete family ( point with the cursor !!! )

    Van Balckeneynde house
    Dunne Bierkade 18
    2512 BC Den Haag

    Telephone: (070) 36563 70 (Voorhoeve Foundation)

    The Voorhoeve Foundation