The Foundation Voorhoeve has a variety of houses available for rent.
We make a division in three categories: studio's, apartments and more store houses.

Studio's mostly are one livingroom with a kitchenette, shower and toilet space, bedroom.

Apartments with all rooms on one floor, most of them have up to four rooms.

Houses with up to six rooms on two or more floors.

All accommodations are very complete with central heating, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, internet connection (Wifi), cable TV, all furnished with very modern but comfortable furniture.
The interior is in a modern style. We have strived to create a perfect comfort and homely atmosphere for our gasts.

The location is the historical center of the city with the architectural style of the golden age period of Holland. Most of the houses are typical canal houses where pittoresque restaurants have their gasts sitting outside at the waterfront or on the boats. More>>

Apartment modern style
Telephone:+31 (0)70 36563 70 (Voorhoeve Foundation)

The Voorhoeve Foundation